Neftechim Technologies has always been on the forefront of innovation and understands that operational excellence is key to success to any chemical treatment program. Therefore, we have developed significant capabilities to operate complex Chemical Management System contracts in our target markets, taking responsibility for the entire chemical treatment process. This forces us to go different ways and has made us a technology leader in providing integrated field services. In all we do we are committed to the highest standards of operational excellence and health, safety and quality.

Chemical Management System (CMS)

Assess total cost of ownershipDetailed system survey and integrated data analysis
Understand cause/effect relationshipsProfessional failure and root cause analysis
Find most cost effective solutionSelection of product and application technology
Minimize risk/cost of changeField tests and extended trials
Minimize capital expenditureField logistics and inventory management
Maximize economic impact of programChemical injection management
Reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO) – Create Added ValueMonitoring and treatment optimization
Continuous optimizationDevelopment of new chemical products and technologies

We work in close cooperation with our R&D and manufacturing departments. That allows us to quickly develop solutions for specific problems even outside of our traditional product lines.

Major Capabilties and Services

At Neftechim Technologies we deliver products and services to our customers under the toughest conditions on this planet. Our Field Services team touches the entire production chain: Reservoir – well – gathering – separation and processing – water management – oil export.

Production Chemical Service Capabilities

  • Chemical program monitoring – mobile field labs, sampling, testing and reporting
  • In-line probes installation and retrieval – Coupons, bioprobes, ER, LPR, MicroCorr
  • Forensic failure analysis – Microscopic and chemical analysis
  • Chemical injection systems – Design, installation, monitoring, maintenance and filling
  • Remote monitoring of injection systems
  • Batch treatment with company-owned treater trucks with multiple products, encapsulated products

Production Enhancement Services

  • Acid matrix stimulation – design, logistics and application
  • Supply of acid additives – diverters, foamers, chelators, corrosion inhibitors, intensifiers etc.
  • Well profile modification for injectors – field tracer testing, sweep analysis, core flood testing
  • Squeeze treatments of corrosion and scale inhibitors – squeeze design and backflow monitoring
  • Near wellbore remediation – special diagnostic tools to assess damage, design and application
  • Non-damaging well-killing - special solution preventing damage to well and formation of well completion and formation of hydrate plugs

Service Footprint

  • Several customer service facilities are operating under CMS (maintenance shop, warehouse and chemical storage tanks, offices, laboratories and accommodation)
  • In total we employ over 150 highly qualified employees and operate over 70 specially equipped trucks and cars
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