Neftechim Technologies operates a wide spread distribution network.

Manufacturing Plant and Distribution Network

Neftechim Technologies has sophisticated manufacturing capabilities at own plants and associated partner facilites in Europe, Russia, India and the USA We are also a preferred vendor for many international chemical manufacturing companies distributed around the globe.

Neftechim Technologies has gained valuable experience in running remote operation and building efficient distribution networks within widespread oilfields of the Russian Federation and other major oil and gas producing regions.


Neftechim Technologies products are available in reusable IBC-containers, steel and plastic drums, all internationally certified for road, rail, sea and air transport. Containerization and special bulk tank containers for multimodal transportation are also available on request.


Neftechim Technologies cooperates with leading logistics companies specialized in international distribution of chemical products. In close cooperation with our partners and the end user we ensure proper shipping document handling allowing shortest shipping times at the lowest cost.

Field Logistics

Field distribution programs as well as design and handling of stationary dosing equipment and day-tank solutions can be elaborated with our customers on demand. We have vast experience operating complex Chemical Management System contracts.


Neftechim Technologies offers support to optimize field blending solutions taking advantage of the availability of local solvents or product components.



Field logistics