Neftechim Technologies delivers products and intermediates from a network of highly advanced manufacturing facilities directly to our target markets.


Neftechim Technologies operates its own highly developed manufacturing sites capable to perform a variety of chemical synthesis. The sites are fully dedicated to the production of oilfield chemicals and allows various batch sizes and multistage operations.

  • Own Production Capacity: 60.000 tons/year
  • Stainless Steel and High Temperature Reactors
  • Glass lined reactors
  • Automated reactor plant
  • Blend and storage tank farm
  • New site under development

In addition, we work with accredited toll manufacturing, chemical base suppliers and blend plants to produce our intermediates and finished products at the lowest possible cost for our customers.

reactor-houseNeftechim Technologies works with reputable best-in-class chemical manufacturing companies to source raw materials, intermediates and special products to complement our own production and to provide cost effective solutions for our clients where needed.

synthesis-groupNeftechim Technologies has its own in-house synthesis group to allow fast transfer from the development stage to industrial production. Our pilot reactors, sophisticated lab equipment and close collaboration with R&D allow accelerated development and minimum disruption when introducing new products to the market.

quality-controlHighest Safety and Quality standards are leading us in all we do.  Neftechim  Technologies has implemented a certified quality and occupational health system since 2002. With TUV Germany our long-term partner for implementation and certification we are engaged in a continuous improvement process under the norms of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.