Neftechim Technologies develops and provides technical support for oilfield chemical challenges.

R&D is at the centre of our activities. Our scientists at our state-of-the-art laboratories support our partners and customers at all stages from product development to field application. Our researchers and technical support staff have academic degrees in chemistry and technical sciences as well as many years of experience in all main OFC research fields. Over 40 scientists with PhD degrees lead our efforts to develop and select the best products and solutions for our customers.

Asset Integrity Management

Our Corrosion Control and Bio-corrosion laboratories are equipped to deal with problems analysis, simulating field conditions for product development and selection. Among our main testing capabilities are:

  • High shear stress tests
  • HT/HP autoclaves
  • Multifunctional Potentiostats
  • Sour Service Testing
  • Studies of adsorption-desorption properties of chemicals
  • Microbial tests for SRB, aerobic, thionic, hydrocarbon oxidizing bacteria.
  • Biofilm monitoring probes

Production Optimization

From down-hole separation, viscosity reduction solutions for gathering systems to slop treatment and bringing export oil to spec - our Separation Technology laboratory continuously develops new demulsifier compounds and supports our field bottle testing crews. Special equipment and traditional bottle tests are combined to find the optimum solution to each problem.

Flow Assurance

Our Paraffin Control and Oil Rheology laboratory conducts pour point studies, pipeline restart testing and cold finger tests to design paraffin and asphaltene control programs. The Scale Control lab possesses capabilities to identify and simulate scaling tendency and nature of deposits and run scale inhibitor performance tests using static tests as well as dynamic flow-loop equipment.

Production Enhancement

A state-of-the-art core flood equipment complements our capabilities to solid removal testing under down-hole conditions. Here we develop innovative products and programs for well profile modification, traditional acidizing, well cleaning and near wellbore remediation.

Analytical Services

Highly specialized analytical personnel and laboratories provide compositional analysis of oilfield fluids using advanced analytical instruments as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, IR-spectrometry, capillary electrophoresis, UV-spectrophotometry, high-performance liquid chromatography among others.

Organic Synthesis

In two organic synthesis laboratories we create novel molecules, develop chemical formulations and work out processes and SOPs for large-scale manufacturing of chemicals. We count with pilot reactors and have abilities to investigate a wide range of complex molecules for their use in the oil and gas industry.

Field Support

Our R&D personnel is closely connected with field services and continuously conducts on-site system surveys, product implementation and trouble shooting. This is supported by a variety of mobile laboratory test units and special field test equipment. R&D also provides technical training for monitoring, application and optimization techniques.

Autoclave laboratory

Autoclave laboratory


Analytical laboratory

Analytical laboratory


Corrosion testing

Corrosion testing


Demulsifier laboratory

Demulsifier laboratory


Corrosion laboratory

Ccorrosion laboratory